9 a.k.a. Petermayne a.k.a. Sir Albino Pantha III Esq. a.k.a. Georgia O’Spleeff a.k.a. Rev. Mikey P a.k.a. The Last Unicorn a.k.a Young Moon a.k.a. BROsie O’donnell

9 is not a numba.
9 stays in Chicago.
9 feeds on the outdated nightmares of the elderly.
9 survives on a strict diet of pizza, weed, and lemon water.
9 will only have intercourse with rich ppl who R rockstars.

9 prefers waking up after noon.
When 9 grows up, she'd like to be a stay at home dad.

9 might be from outta space, but he iz not sure...
9 will not be this way for long.

9 Bedroom Music (Fre)Ep:

PREVIEW HERE:   9 Anythang by Teslavision Intergalactic

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  9 - Future Where? (Fast Forward) by Teslavision Intergalactic